“Dementia Friendly East Riding is very aware of the increasing demands upon carers and families of those people living with dementia and understands the need to provide support within the local community”. 

What is dementia? 

Dementia is a general term to describe symptoms that occur when certain diseases
or conditions affect the brain. 

Symptoms of dementia include: 

  • memory problems 
  • mood changes 
  • problems with thinking, speech and communication. 

Symptoms vary depending on which underlying condition is causing the dementia and which parts of the brain are affected. 

Many conditions cause dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and dementia with Lewy bodies. All conditions that cause dementia get gradually worse over time, and can’t be cured. 

Most people affected by dementia are over 65 years old, but it can also affect people younger than this. 

Everyone experiences dementia differently and although the symptoms of dementia may get worse, things can be done to help people with dementia live as well as possible. 

Dementia Symptoms?

Symptoms of dementia can include memory problems, sensory, emotional and physical changes, or problems with thinking and communicating. 

These are some examples of memory problems: 

Struggling to remember things that happened recently, even though you can remember things from longer ago. 

  • Struggling to remember the names of familiar people or things. 
  • Having trouble remembering the day or date. 
  • Forgetting where you put something, or where things are kept. 

Message from the chair…
Although the last 2 years have been challenging due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are already preparing for a busy start to the New Year.
As we move into 2022, we remain fully committed to delivering on projects that were suspended as the Pandemic broke. As part of our commitment to the region, we will be re-launching our new look website and new media platforms early in the New Year, backed by a busy calendar of activities that will run throughout the year, as we get back to some kind of normality. If you would like more information about our charity or would consider becoming a Trustee or Volunteer with us, do not hesitate to get in contact via our GET IN TOUCH page, we would welcome you on board to join the rest of the team that are passionate about making our society more dementia aware.

Yours in Health
Phil Anastasi
Chair, Dementia Friendly East Riding

Listen to our chair talking about the charity and our partnership work at a recent outdoor event held at Rossmoor Park recently:

Our Partners…
Working in partnership with other organisations is instrumental to the future development of our charity. We would like to thank all our partners who continue to support us.