Dementia Friendly East Riding has a dedicated team that strive to help make the East Riding of Yorkshire ‘Dementia Friendly’.

Meet the Team:




Simon Foster – Ambassador

Simon Foster who has previously acted as chairman and trustee for Dementia Friendly East Riding is a key part of our charity and acts as ambassador for the charity. 

Simon is also a volunteer developing partnership activity and instrumental as the organiser of the highly successful Dementia Friendly Cinema screenings in Beverley.  

Simon said “ I am privileged and proud to be asked to take on this new role and so will continue to be part of the charity moving forward at a time when I have had to take on additional family projects and responsibilities further afield. I am enthusiastic to continue to raise the profile of this progressive charity around the local community. Dementia Friendly East Riding does so much to support people living with dementia and their families and carer`s.

I will also do my best to engage with local people to become volunteers and trustees. Volunteers who give their time and experience freely are really the “heartbeat” of our success”.





Katherine Mathew – Patron
Katherine lives in Beverley and is the Principal Business Transformation and Improvement Officer for East Riding of Yorkshire Council. She has wide employment experience and involvement in roles supporting young people and the youth volunteering strategy in East Yorkshire. In March 2017 she was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Katherine obtained a Masters in Public Administration as well as a Diploma in Youth and Community Work.Her drive and enthusiasm to support the community based work of this charity will enable greater connectivity with local people, particularly young people, in raising awareness and understanding of dementia. In her spare time Katherine enjoys cricket, reading and the theatre.




Phil Anastasi – Chairman
By day, I work for the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust as a Social Prescriber working within Beverley and Driffield GP Practice. I regularly support families and individuals coping and managing with Dementia. I also have personal experience of supporting my Grandfather managing Dementia. I am passionate about my work, where everyday I thrive on the fact that I am able to make a positive impact on individuals that require support either by issues that are effecting themselves or their families.




Suzy Bunton – (Trustee, Dementia Friends awareness deliverer)
“My name is Suzy Bunton. I am honoured to say that I am the Lead Dementia Nurse for Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals NHS Trust, where I have worked since 1987. My mum also has dementia, so this area is very close to my heart. Away from work, I love cooking, walking my golden retriever and am learning Spanish and the piano in my spare time, also a mum of two teenagers!”




Sandra Burley – (Trustee, Flower competition lead)
“I am very proud to be a Trustee of Dementia Friendly East Riding and believe we have already and will continue to influence and raise awareness of dementia in our local community. I am a Yorkshire girl and have spent the last 27 years living near Pocklington. I think people get involved in working with charities such as ours because they have themselves been supported in many ways by friends, family and charitable organisations in their own lives and it is an opportunity to help others when you can. I have a long association with dementia care both professionally as a registered nurse for over 40 years and personally in caring for my grandmother and mother. I am a real ‘people’s person’ and will always strive to use my expertise, passion and support, driving dementia awareness locally”. 

Nicole Kime, (Trustee)




Rod McPhee (Trustee)
My wife and I moved to Beverley in April 2018 from Hertfordshire where we had both been very busy both professionally and in voluntary work. I was keen to get involved locally to serve our new community, which has been so welcoming to us both.  We both have experience in working to support dementia activities, and as a musician and as well as a business person I am especially keen to develop musical activities to augment the projects that our charity already delivers. Music therapists have recognised for many years the benefits of music to access the locked in memories of people living with dementia, and there are many exciting and fast-moving developments happening across the country.




Ian Bunton, (Trustee & Treasurer)
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and am very proud to be the Treasurer and Trustee of Dementia Friendly East Riding. It is a disease that is close to our families hearts and for many years, we have seen first  hand the effect that dementia has, both on persons diagnosed with it, and their loved ones. This initially led me to share my passion of family and football, and write a book about Hull City, entitled ’46 and Counting’, at the same time raising funds for dementia. In turn, this has seen my involvement with DFER – anything that we can all do to help those affected, must be a good thing?