Scrubs for the NHS

Scrubs for the NHS

May 21, 2020 0 By DFER

by Fiona Garth

During the lockdown for Covid-19 it was established fairly early on that there was a problem with a shortage of scrubs throughout the UK.  A National group on facebook was formed and funds started to be raised to purchase fabric to make scrubs.

Very quickly the group grew bigger and bigger and it became obvious that the way forward was to create subgroups.

Somehow I ended up creating and running a local group – Bridlington Scrub Makers.

We were in touch with Procurement for York Trust – Scarborough and Bridlington Hospital from day one and established that they had a real need.  They have contract scrubs which are laundered by their contractor but our scrubs will be laundered in Bridlington and distributed to both sites.

Soon, other facilities around the area also started to require scrubs, these included GP’s, pharmacies and care homes, plus some areas of the NHS who normally go to work in civies now had to wear scrubs too. 

We had a wonderful experience when we delivered to one local care home.  As we entered their grounds all we could hear was the wonderful memory jogging sound of a 1940’s waltz being played which, the staff said, the residents loved as it helped them remember their youth.  This was a Care Home which specifically cares for patients with Dementia.  It is great to see the staff taking such care over their residents with Dementia by providing activities to spark memories.

Initially we had to raise funds and this was done by a couple of crowd funding pages for personal donations  – many thanks to Jackie Chandler and Sandra Hoggart for this.  Next we began to approach some of the many organisations around the town – thank you Maria Prchlik for assisting.

We are very grateful for all the support we have had and particularly want to thank all the individuals who contributed together with –

DOT – Destination Old Town

Spotlight Theatre

Alex May Gallery

Bridlington Lions

Bridlington Rotary

BTC – Bridlington Town Council

Lord Feoffees

OTA – The Old Town Association

BTA – Bridlington Tourism Association

Lodge Books


Lisset Windfarm

We raised over £8000 to purchase fabrics for the scrubs production.

Finding suitable fabrics has also been very challenging as they were in demand by the whole of the UK.  Luckily I managed to use my wholesale contacts and saved a great deal of money for the project by doing this.

At its peak we have had over 50 people sewing scrubs around Bridlington, Driffield and the villages.

To date we have made well over 600 pairs of scrubs with many more in process.

(One day we hope to add a picture here of the team, but for now we all still need to isolate.)

Some of our team of sewers have now had to return to work and others are needing a little break, so we are not using up our fabric as quickly as we were and we know time is of the essence. we have therefore donated some of our bolts of fabric to the people who are sewing for Castle Hill Hospital and the Royal in Hull.  People from Bridlington use both these facilities, so its nice to be able to contribute.

Despite running the scrub hub and making scrubs being very hard work and not particularly easy at times, I have met some lovely people who have donated their time and efforts to this project.  It is hoped at some stage to all meet up and celebrate our amazing achievements.